In an industry where scrap collection equals money collection and recycling recovers lost revenue, Aircon equipment performs both services. From underground paper scrap rotary valves (completely using outdoor air to operate) to bolted cyclones to bale accumulation and weighing systems, Aircon has the equipment needed to streamline your waste recovery process

Conventional scrap collection systems vacuum conditioned air as well as scrap to be conveyed to a cyclone where the scrap is returned to a baler (located inside) while the conditioned air is exhausted to the atmosphere. Returning conditioned air to the facility reduces energy expenses which in turn pays for itself in savings.

Paper Systems Brochure

New energy efficient system on the left and the older conventional system on the right.

The change over itself was designed to reduce down time.

The end result is a more efficient, quieter, energy saving system that even enhances the facility’s skyline.